The most inspiring nautical women shows you need to watch

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08 Mar 2021
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Today we are celebrating the empowering women that have shifted the course of nautical sports. These brave athletes have faced in many cases male dominating sports, becoming an inspiration for many who are still uncertain about leaping into the unknown. Our recommendation on these inspiring nautical women shows are for those enthusiasts that want to learn more about the struggles and rewards these women face. 

From documentaries with a female lead, inspiring documentaries or record-breaking challenges, on Nautical Channel we got the ultimate list on the most inspiring nautical women shows you need to watch. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 

symi airview

Discovering Symi: the show for nature lovers

Welcome to the beautiful island of Symi, Greece, in the middle of the Aegean Sea.  In this series, Maria introduces us to the beauty of Symi’s capital, Gialos, and its neighbouring district of Chorio as we learn more about the hospitable harbour of the island, a popular resting place for sailors to park up and explore.

Maria Olga Parasiri becomes our host as we see this apparently small island is filled with a vast variety of things to do, see and eat, making it one of the best nautical sports show for nature and travel lovers. 

maya gabeira return to nazare

Maya Gabeira – Return to Nazaré: the nautical women show for those who overcome their fears

Maya Gabeira is the Brazilian surfer that was close to death in 2013 in Nazaré when she kept being pushed by big waves. She had to be rescued by lifeguards who struggled to get her out of waves that didn’t stop coming. After recovering physically and emotionally of the shock, she's ready to return to Nazaré to overcome the same obstacles that almost took her life years ago.  

This show is a vivid reminder for everyone who want to keep fighting for their goals despite fears. 

 sofia surf show

Sofía: female surfing in paradise

Sofía is a short documentary film about the life of young surfer Sofía De Tomás, Canary Islands’ surf champion. Sofia balances her time between painting and surfing, and for her painting has a similar effect sometimes as surfing. However, for Sofia, surfing is a sport that traps you, and once you start it, you can’t stop, you want more. It’s something she can’t live without. 

This nautical women show lives the beauty of the Canary Islands. Sofia offers beautiful scenery, heart-warming moments and a strong desire to get on a board yourself and start surfing the world.