Nazaré with Water Skis

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01 Feb 2024
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Chuck Patterson, known for his action sports prowess, has once again challenged the limits by taking his skills to Nazaré, Portugal.

The extreme wave skiing pioneer, who previously conquered the legendary waves of Peahi (aka Jaws) in Hawaii, has now made his mark on the towering Portuguese waves.

Last week, Patterson shared news of his epic trip to Nazaré, where he ventured down some of the biggest waves in the world using water skis. You can enjoy clips from the videos captured during Patterson's stay in Nazaré. A visual experience that will captivate any extreme sports enthusiast.

What makes Patterson's feat even more exceptional is his choice of equipment: water skis.

He is likely the first person in history to challenge the waves of Nazaré on skis.

Chuck Patterson shared his impressions of his experience: "The first heaviest turns of the season in Nazaré, Portugal couldn't have gone any better. I've always been curious to feel the power and energy of this majestic place, even in this smaller swell. The rides were super sketchy with no margin for error. Having the best driver and a solid safety plan made all the difference. More to come very soon," commented Patterson.

According to Red Bull, seven of the ten biggest waves ever surfed were conquered in Nazaré, consolidating the Portuguese city as a renowned destination among giant wave surfers.

Nazaré has not only become a stage for extreme water sports, but also a testament to the raw power and beauty of the ocean. A must-see destination for those seeking breathtaking experiences in nature.

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