The best places in the world for water sports.

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27 Sep 2022
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September 27th is known as World Tourism Day. That's why we will dedicate this article to show you the best places in the world to do different activities and water sports with which you can enjoy a complete nautical experience.

Sydney is one of the best destinations for water sports because of the famous Manly Beach. With 2 km of turquoise blue water and golden sand, it has become a paradise for surfers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Here you can find waves over 5m high, perfect for improving your skills.

New Zealand has long been considered a mecca for extreme sports and Auckland is one of the best destinations for water sports. Here you can conquer the highest waves. And if you want to get your adrenaline pumping, take advantage of the wind, get on your board and go windsurfing or kitesurfing.

If you love paddle surfing, Barcelona is one of the areas where you can practice the water sports you like the most. In this city you can find many beaches where you can practice this sport. However, Nova Mar Bella, with its crystal clear water and gentle wind, is one of the best destinations for paddle surf.

Miami is another essential water sports destination for a reason: the Everglades. Considered the most tropical area in the United States, here you can kayak and paddle surf, or sit on a boat and fish until sunset. Just like you can do in Germany. Water trails through Brandenburg include 84 canoeing trails and 23 kayaking trails, so visitors will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water and also get to know this part of Germany in a unique way.

Another great destination for water sports, especially if you love cold water diving, is Vancouver. Some of the most popular dive sites are Deep Cove and the Sunshine Coast. Here you can see incredible red coral, giant octopus, wolf eels and creepy boats.

Diving and discovering the fauna and flora under the sea is one of the most wonderful things to do off the coast of Spain in the Canary Islands. Indonesia is not to be forgotten either; one of the most interesting places to visit is in Komodo National Park, next to the island of Flores. In its waters you can enjoy some of the most extreme dives in the world. Finally, Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. Located in the heart of Brazil, this archipelago is one of the best places to dive in the world, as underwater you can come across all kinds of animals: turtles, dolphins and fish of all colours.

Paros in Greece is another great destination for water sports, which is why it has hosted the windsurfing world cup on several occasions. In addition to windsurfing, if you want to enjoy the island's unique scenery from above, parasailing is becoming one of the most popular water activities.

Frisia is a coastal province of the Netherlands with so many canals, lakes and waterways. With surfing in Makkum, kitesurfing in Workum and Europe's largest chain of inland lakes (ideal for bodyboarding), water sports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice.

Finally, don't forget to visit Taiwan. One of the most popular beaches on Taiwan's southern coast is Nanwan, which is packed with water sports facilities. The beach is also known as "South Bay" or "Blue Bay", and the right side of the bay is the best surfing area.

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