Razer Clearbot will clean up trash in the ocean

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30 Sep 2021
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The gaming giant Razer has partnered with Clearbot, a company that produces autonomous trash collecting robots that aim to improve ocean cleaning.

If you are into gaming then Razer is a brand at the top of your mind. Their sleek black-and-green gaming peripherals include headsets, laptops, keyboards, desktops and monitors amongst many others. And obviously, they all are loaded with high-end features and plenty of RGB lightning. 

The company has decided to dive into the blue ocean (literally) and move forward with its latest project: an autonomous trash-collecting boat. 

Razer’s official YouTube video lights up some details on this initiative: 

What are clearbots?

They are small, solar-powered self-navigating boats that are capable of removing trash from the water. These robots are fully autonomous solar powered and will detect trash from up to two meters away using AI and an onboard camera. Then, they will collect it with a conveyor belt that will dispose of the waste into a collection basket in tow. 

Before their partnership with Razer, Clearboat had an utilitarian design, however powered by this collaboration it has evolved even more. It is now designed to become marketable, featuring a sleek and futuristic catamaran design with a complete jet black paint job, the green snakehead logo and green lighting to match. 

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Moreover, the Razer Clearbot includes cameras that are capable of identifying the different types of waste as well as its approximate size and weight. This will make recycling easier, as well as GPS tagging the trash’s location to show the info on a map for scientists, researchers and policy makers. 

Go Green with Razer

The sustainability initiative of the gaming giant is part of their multi-faceted approach to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Razer intends to be carbon neutral by 2030. Their collaboration with Clearbot is one way the gaming company looks to help the environment. 

For instance, their Sneki Snek line has a mascot merchandise, and for any item purchased they save an equivalent to 10 trees. So far, they have saved over 645.000 trees. 

Do you agree with Razer's initiative to become more sustainable? We should all work as a team to remove trash, plastic and pollutants in the ocean. Find out how we can dive into the potential of the blue economy to collect trash and reduce marine plastic waste in water bodies. 

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