NFT superyacht Project Metaverse offered for $95M

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11 Mar 2022
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The 63 metre superyacht project by Cloud Yachts, Gregory C Marshall and Delta Marine can be purchased both as an NFT and new-build with Denison Yachting. 

Designed by Gregory C Marshall, Project Metaverse adds up to the list of other projects including the 80 metre award-winning Artefact or the first superyacht sold in the Metaverse, the Metaflower. Offered for $95,000,000 (around 86,300,000 euros), if sold it will be the highest price paid for an NFT. 

The shipyard Delta Marine has agreed to build the vessel, so besides owning the non-fungible token, the owner will also sail with the superyacht in the real world. 

What is an NFT? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and these are the virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital security, scarcity and authenticity. While the Bitcoin Blockchain works as a way of keeping track of cryptocurrency transactions, other blockchains like the Ethereum blockchain have taken a step further. 

This is the new Web 3.0, where not only economic transactions can be done, but also people can access smart contracts and items that are unique and scarce. This is the third generation of internet services and applications, and here a machine-based understanding will allow more privacy and connectivity amongst users. 

People will buy and sell items, the NFTs that can be used in several ways. They can range from clothes to art or even superyachts. 

Growing NFT ship portfolio

This project adds the NFT yacht portfolio of Cloud Yachts, and it debuted at the Miami Yacht Show in February 2022. As they teamed up with Marshall, they created limited superyacht designs and has already sold 10 in Miami at 1 Ethereum each.

“It was clear to make Project Metaverse real we would need a creative broker who not only has the clients but can also effectively communicate the experience and technology we are offering. Knowing Alex Clarke’s impressive superyacht sales history we believe he is the guy for this monumental task.” -Gregory C Marshall

Augmented reality technology

With this project, Delta Marine will become the shipbuilder for the 63-metre superyacht. Customers will get the chance of building their yacht using augmented reality technology that has been specifically developed for superyacht builds. 

Alex Clarke, the broker of the project, has shown his enthusiasm about it and has called it a “groundbreaking project”. According to him, this will be a shift in the way yachts are built and sold. 

Moreover, Cloud Yachts have partnered with top designers including Bannenberg & Rowell or Marco Casali. They will design, market and sell the whole range of digital assets. Its official debut will take place at the Palm Beach International Boat Show at the end of March 2022. 

The final buyer of the superyacht will be able to travel both in real life and on the internet, and possibilities are almost limitless. As the NFT is a unique version of this boat, they could potentially rent it out to other users (both in real life and the internet), and, if they no longer want it, sell it to an eager buyer for them to enjoy in the virtual world. 

Whatever he decides, this is an advance both in the yachting industry and NFT marketplace. Will we be able to see more digital yacht dealers offering these masterpieces in virtual reality? 

Images from Boat International
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