The NYUMBA hybrid sailing yacht is now under construction

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01 Jun 2021
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Just a few weeks after the launch of the SW105GT Taniwha, Southern Wind shipyard has announced the construction of their first yacht with hybrid propulsion. NYUMBA has become the fourth hull in the proven SW96 model. 

It is being constructed for a passionate owner and it combines a ‘sexy, comfortable, reliable and above all sustainable’ world-cruising vessel. The yacht will be capable of sailing short-handed with the responsiveness to perform in the world’s top regattas.

Moreover, it will be designed in collaboration with the international company Bae Systems. This company constructs technology-led defence and aerospace systems as well as advanced hybrid propulsion systems. NYUMBA will be using the patented ‘Hybrid Gen’ electric propulsion team and will be compliant to IMO Tier III environmental regulations. 

 prototype nyumba hybrid sailing yacht

Prepared for extensive periods onboard

NYUMBA means ‘home’ in Swahili. This reflects the Owners’ desire to spend long periods of time onboard while cruising comfortably. The interiors feature an owner’s cabin forward layout with two comfortable guest cabins and crew quarters. 

It will possess a main saloon with a bright open space that can be customised to the client’s needs. Moreover, the volumes of a fourth cabin have been devoted to a TV area with extra lounging sofa. 

“The SW96#04 deck design is the evolution of the successful GT deck concept,” -Massimo Gino, responsible for the yacht’s exterior and interior design.

 prototype nyumba close up

The exterior of the NYUMBA hybrid sailing yacht

Hull lines will be penned by Farr Yacht Design, and this high-performance superyacht will be built with a full carbon hull and prepreg side and foredeck. This decision provides a shallow draft and excellent stability. 

Moreover, a lifting keel with twin rudder configuration will grant access to the NYUMBA to shallower waters and enable it to anchor in quiet bays overnight. It has an upgraded hydraulic winches package to emphasize an excellent performance and the sporty soul of Nyumba. 

The superyacht will also provide a tender garage that will be able to store a 4,5m tender. Customised extra large swimming platforms will also be installed for a greater comfort and enjoyment at sea while offshore. 

Superyacht NYUMBA is currently under construction at the Cape Town facilities. It is expected that delivery of the superyacht will take place during summer 2022.

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sailing boat

Is hybrid propulsion the future of yachting? 

The whole world is going electric. However, so far only about 1.3% of marine propulsion systems are electric. Hybrid power might be the optimum solution for yachts, involving a large battery bank with a mix of solar and hydro power generation. These implementations could reduce CO2 footprint by 90%.

Lately we have seen more hybrid systems in the nautical industry that attempt to reduce fossil fuel consumption. From yachts that use solar panels to hydro generated electric sailing, the industry has taken huge steps towards green and blue energy.

“You wake up in the morning in your bed, and you don’t feel the engine,” -Maggi, e-Motion president.

New chemistry is set to double the capacity of lithium ion batteries over the next three years. Hundreds of owners have discovered that silence and lack of vibration that comes from electric power have changed their view of yachting.

More companies such as Sanlorenzo have benefitted from installing hybrid propulsion in their power package. As their SL106 was successful, they decided to do the same on the smaller SL86 series, the 44 Alloy and 500 Exp series amongst others. 

“The diesel/electric combination developed for yachting is one of the most interesting applications of the hybrid,” -Massimo Perotti, President and CEO of Sanlorenzo.