All the water sports you can practice this summer AND MORE

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02 Jun 2021
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Summer is coming. And with it the good weather and beach season. As the boating trend rises and it is safer to travel around, we want to dive into the water and try out some water activities. 

From surfing, swimming or diving, we can practice different activities. Can we come up with a complete list of water sports? 

man performing surf trick

What is a water sport? 

Almost all sources define sport as either an individual or team athletic activity that involves physical effort, prowess and technical skills. Sports have a set of goals, rules and regulations. They can be related to competition or self-enjoyment, therefore, they are not always competitive. 

The difference however between a sport and physical exercise is that sport is associated with recreational and monetary purposes while physical exercise tends to be for wellness purposes. Sports are a combination of physical and mental skills. 

Water sports are physical activities that can be practiced indoor and outdoor salt or freshwater bodies. They can be practiced both on the surface of the water or under the surface, in a swimming pool or a body of water such as a river, lake, sea or ocean. 

The complete list of Water Sports 

We will be separating the list in three different categories: in the water, on the water and underwater activities.

woman swimming in a cloudy lake

In the water

Aquajogging: it's low impact training. It is a perfect way to train without impacting your joints. Equipment, besides the swimming pool, include flotation belts and weights in some cases.

Diving: jumping off springboards or platforms into the water. It seems scary, but it is also very rewarding. Get inspired with Ride to the Roots

Swimming: both in a swimming pool or open water swimming as in Moana Waiwai.

synchronized swimming team performing in the water

Synchronized swimming: a team water sport where swimmers perform a synchronised routine accompanied by music. 

Water polo: two teams play in the water trying to score points on the rival's goal.

Water basketball: mixes basketball and water polo. Teams are formed by five players and they must shoot at the goal with a ball within a certain time.

Water volleyball: teams can consist of 1 to 4 players and it can be played on the beach.