The South To Sian Journals

Next broadcast Jul 18, 2024 - 05:51
60 min

While filming South To Sian, a pair of adventurers dived into what began as a three-month trip and turned into a two-year odyssey of exploration.On boards, bikes, by boat and four-wheel drive, Harrison Roach and Zye Norris discovered if, in these days of GPS and WiFi, the dream of a true pioneering surf adventure is still alive.

South to Sian Journals is a collection of stories documenting the people, places & adventures that occurred during the 2 years making “South To Sian” - the challenges, the surfers, riders, shapers, bike builders, filmmakers and photographers.

Extremely entertaining and insightful, “Journals” documents the travels, the hardships, the spectacular locations, the personalities and the thoughts of the characters, both in front of and behind the lens.

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