The Kayak Man

The Kayak Man

Next broadcast Jun 21, 2024 - 11:19
30 min

Another expedition? You must be crazy.

This is what Beppe's friend told him when he decided to leave for North America. Even after paddling in the biggest rivers in the world, his desire for adventure was still not satisfied, and he went out looking for more. Dreaming of freedom, sleeping bags and nature, he ventured into the unknown to discover the Yukon and Teslin Rivers.

For those unaware, the Yukon river is the major watercourse of the northwest of North America. It flows through the Canadian Yukon Territory and makes it's way to Alaska. The Teslin River is a bit shorter, but not for this reason less fun to dive into. They both offer an impressive scenery amidst cold temperatures, dangerous whitewaters and the wild nature of North America.

The Kayak Man takes us on a journey of self discovery through the most beautiful landscapes of Canada and the United States while following the path of a brave kayaker that leaves his life behind in an attempt to explore new horizons by himself. An impressive trip that will not leave him the same way he was before.

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