New 120m shark-inspired explorer superyacht concept

Nautical Channel
01 Jul 2022
NEWS | Yachting

The London-based design studio State of Craft has revealed new plans for a 120-metre explorer superyacht named MAKO. Based on the elegance and performance of the Mako shark, it portrays fluid shapes and a silver hull and superstructure. 

State of Craft has unveiled this superyacht and applied their trademark into the design. Mako will have a zero carbon footprint and work with a propulsion system that consists of hydrogen tanks, fuel cells and electric engines that combine with a battery storage system and solar panel. 

About the Mako Shark

The shortfin mako shark, also referred to as the bonito shark, is a large mackerel shark. It can reach a size of 4m (13ft) in length and it has been classified as Endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). 

With a range that weights from 60-135kgs, females are typically larger than males. They are cylindrical in shape with a vertically elongated tail. Its brilliant blue-metallic colours inspired State of Craft and the superyacht MAKO, as it roams elegantly across the ocean. 

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Exceptional range for polar exploration

The yacht Mako will boast an exceptional range thanks to its integrated air mobility concept. The idea is that the vessel will be used for polar exploration, serving as a platform for customisation as well so it can be adapted as a commercial expedition vessel or a private explorer yacht. 

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Besides its scientific purposes, the Mako explorer yacht will feature the latest amenities for the maximum comfort of all passengers. It will feature a wide beach club platform, allowing for sports and activities. Moreover, the aft garage door also lifts up, allowing tender boats to enter the hull moor internally with no difficulty. 

The top deck can be used as a night sky observatory, panoramic lounge, fitness studio or yoga space.

Relaxing space to unwind

Moreover, the superyacht MAKO will contain a large studio with uninterrupted views and double height. This will be flooded with natural light, providing guests with a relaxing space to unwind. The explorer yacht also features a large aft deck that provides 270 degree views, creating a sense of suspension above the water. The sunken seating area is conceived as a soft “island” and is being incorporated into the teak aft deck. 

The luxurious yacht inspired by the elegance of the depredator will reach speeds between 75-93 km/h. It will also feature a helipad platform on the foredeck for major comfort. Daniel Goldberg, State of Craft principal and founder stated:

“The efficiency and beauty of the sleek, sculptural shapes of Mako sharks served as an early inspiration for the concept. I wanted the hull and superstructure, interior and exterior spaces to all be highly integrated into an overall volume with a continuous surface. [It’s described as a] comfortable home, entertainment space and adventure platform with a zero carbon footprint,” - Daniel Goldberg, State of Craft principal and founder.