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23 Sep 2021
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Are you getting into surfing and you want to know more about the sport? Or perhaps, you are already a pro and want to get inspired on the most jaw dropping spots to catch waves. However it is, on Nautical Channel we got you covered with the best surfing TV shows. 

If you want to find out the best surf shows and surf movies to dive into the sofa this weekend then keep reading to find out our recommendations. 

South to Sian: in search of authenticity

In an era where fences surround everything, we are denied the instinct of self-preservation. Harrison Roach and Zye Norris wanted to break out of this real-world dystopia, and decided to pack their bags and what began as a three-month trip, turned into a two-year odyssey. 

Follow them as they embark on an epic quest from the southern reaches of Bali and through the Indonesian archipelago to Northern Sumatra’s isolated Lagundri Bay. They travel around the most stunning places in Indonesia as they live the dream of a true pioneer in this surf adventure. South to Sian is one of the best surf shows to watch if you believe in this same dream.

Time Well Spent: an emotional story 

Four young surfers do not let their past define who they will become. Created by James Fazio, we dive into the story of four boys from different parts of the world: Indonesia, Peru, Hawaii and Australia to hear their stories and learn where they come from. 

Time Well Spent reminds us it does not matter who we are or where we come from, we can still have worth and give hope to others. This is an inspiring surf movie that shares a deep connection with these young surfers and their struggles. 

If you are looking for a movie to feel emotional about while discovering the surfing community, then this is the right one for you! 

Tahitian Swell: predicting swells like a pro

French Polynesia is famous for its clear blue waters and quality of its waves. These are generated by the swell; an undulating movement of the sea surface that advances as it does not break. This means conditions are ideal for surfers, windsurfers, bodyboarders… but to enjoy these conditions, knowledge of marine forecasting is essential. 

Kenji Flohr is a Polynesian forecaster and surfer. His mission is to anticipate the waves that will break on the Polynesian coasts by analysing the swells, direction, period, energy, length and dimensions. 

Discover the Tahitian swell and its scientific approach on this show available on Nautical Channel. This is one of the most informative and attention-grabbing surfing TV shows to watch at home. 

The Barrel: inside the world of surfing TV shows

Since the first wave was ridden, surfers, photographers and videographers around the world have the possibility of displaying their passion: barrel surfing. This term is used by surfers to describe riding inside the curve of a finely shaped breaking wave. This moment is, for many, magical. 

The Barrel centres in surfer’s skills, creativity and love for adventure as they search the best waves for tube riding. Get inside the barrel of the wave, on Nautical Channel. 

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The Women and the Waves: exploring the lives of female surfers

This documentary surf film explores the lives of female surfers who, throughout the decades, have chosen to paddle head first into the male dominated surfing culture. Surfer girls, women who surf, women who don't, female athletes and the men who love them are the protagonists of this insightful film. 

Discover a passion so strong it has become the dominating force in their lives. Similarly, Undercurrents explores the connection and compassion through the eyes of two female surfers who share their motivation time after time to go back to the water despite the cold waves. Give it a go!

Mad Dogs: the surfing TV series of mad people

Shot by the renowned surf cinema director Joshua Pomer, Mad Dogs is a series dedicated to surfing legends and the world that surrounds them. Each episode is dedicated to a different theme, covering multiple sides of surfing and finding out what happens behind the scenes and waves. 

Get ready to surf the world’s biggest waves during tow in fever, learn new tricks and techniques and follow professionals around the world in their search for bigger challenges. Mad Dogs is one of the surf shows worth watching on Nautical Channel! 

surf series south africa 2018

Surf Series: South Africa: competition to its limit

If you want to watch a surf competition like no other, then this is the right show for you. The WSL (World Surf League) organized the region’s Qualifying Series. The top 5 men and 3 women will move on to the Challenger Series. 

As men and women push harder to popularise the sport in South Africa, they face each other to secure a spot in the World Championship representing their country. 

On Nautical Channel we offer many other TV Shows about surfing like MAR, Of Men and Mavericks, Perilous Sea or Who is Vilayta that will also make you want to catch the best waves. Let us know what you think about them on our social media: we are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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