Time Well Spent

Next broadcast Jul 19, 2024 - 01:09
90 min

Four young surfers who have endured poverty, abandonment, abuse and death find refuge in the ocean on a journey to not let their pasts define who they will become. Time Well Spent was created by James Fazio, a surfer and filmmaker who wanted to give a life changing trip to four young men from different walks of life around the world. We will lead you to each boys front doorsteps in Indonesia, Hawaii, Peru and Australia to hear their stories and learn where they come from.

The message this documentary gives is: it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you have worth and can give hope to others. This is an inspiring movie that shares their stories to the world and give hope to others who can relate to the trials these four have faced. Deeply emotional, Time Well Spent shares with us a deep connection with this young surfers and their struggles.

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