La Vaca Gigante Highlights

30 min

There is a wave that breaks on the cliffs of La Cantera-Cueto, in Santander (Cantabria). It is La Vaca Gigante, a wave that only occurs in this area between October and March. Organized by the ObsessionA2 sports club, La Vaca Gigante, is an extreme surfing event taking place in Spain that crosses borders. This giant wave competition has been consolidated as one of the most relevant in Europe! 

La Vaca Gigante is only held when conditions are optimal in terms of wave height and safety. With a week's notice, these waves can rise up to 6 or 8 meters high, or what is the same, as the height of a three-story building. 

Are you going to miss out? Enjoy the most impressive moments of La Vaca Gigante! 

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