San Borondón

15 min

The popular legend claims San Borondón is an island that appears and disappears, normally under a heavy veil of fog. As adventurers departed on missions to be the first to locate it, not all returned from the depths of the ocean.

Now, San Borondón is the name many local and international surfers have given to a dangerous wave spot on the Canary Islands. The film producer Rayco Cano, his team and five big wave riders embrace us in their story about these huge waves. The film features windsurfing pro Daniel Bruch, German big wave surfer Alexander Zirke, Manuel Lezcano, Ayoze Fernandea and David Rodal Santiago Vilayta.

San Borondón stands for big wave surfing and adrenalin driven surfers, who risk a lot on their surfing boards and SUPs. The jet ski is a necessary safety tool. Discover hidden places with beautiful nature in the Canary Islands as this team of adventurers dive into action on the water, available on Nautical Channel.

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