PWA World Cup

PWA World Cup

Next broadcast Jul 20, 2024 - 01:19
60 min

The PWA World Cup Slalom is returning after 18 months, and we can expect the best action in windsurf. Efforts to combat the effects of the pandemic have resulted in safe events that will provide the most exciting competition. The athletes have been preparing for this year's edition and, as some events are not taking place, will give their all in the PWA World Cup.

In 2021 they will first meet in Israel for this event before heading to other destinations all over the world. The conditions could not be better as we can expect 18 to 30 knots every day during the event from the west direction. Athletes will have the foil and the fins in this new style of competition.

Watch the best action from the world's fastest sailors in the PWA World Cup.

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