30 min

The two-time world wave sailing champion Marcilio Browne, originally from Brazil, has decided to make the Hawaiian island of Maui his permanent home to pursue his passion. Dis.Traction follows Marcilio during his first training sessions leading into to the decisive season’s final contest where the greatest windsurfers compete for the ultimate prize.

Following the end of contest season, Marcilio and fellow wave sailing champion Morgan Noireaux take to the mountains, or rather to the volcano for some alternative action. As the island is exposed to heavy ground swells from many directions, Marcilio and his friends are always looking for ideal spots to practice.

Dis.Traction is a rollercoaster ride of action and an authentic insight into the perspective of a seasoned professional windsurfer. Shot on location it features the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Island of Maui and showcases appearances of some of the sport’s greatest athletes.

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