Next broadcast Jul 20, 2024 - 13:27
30 min

The Isthmus of Ofqui, unknown for many and chosen as surf destination by few adventurers.

The stretch of land that separates the Pacific Ocean's inland seas, is the only way to make it if you want to surf the shores of Golfo de Penas. Connecting the Taitao Peninsula with the Chilean mainland, Ofqui offers world class waves. This thaw surf film approaches the vast territory of the Patagonia in different ways, this time, centered around Ofqui.

Pro surfers will face ice-cold waters in their expedition to surf deathly waves in Ofqui, one of the most unknown locations of the Patagonia and with a microclimate that maximises the upcoming waves.

Join them in their adventure to Ofqui here, on Nautical Channel.

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