Maya Gabeira - Return to Nazaré

30 min

After a horrible crash in Nazaré that almost took her life, big wave surfer Maya Gabeira fights to overcome physical and mental obstacles and return to surf the giant waves again.

Maya Gabeira, the Brazilian surfer that was close to death in 2013 in Nazaré due to big waves. She had to be rescued by lifeguards who struggled to get her out of waves that didn’t stop coming. After recovering physically and emotionally of the shock, she's ready to return to Nazaré to overcome the same obstacles that almost took her life years ago.

Her determination is undeniable, as is the danger of tempting fate twice. However, once in Nazaré, will she have the strength needed to surf deathly waves?

Follow her inspiring story in Maya Gabeira – Return to Nazaré.

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