Ocean Safari - South Africa

Ocean Safari - South Africa

Next broadcast Jun 20, 2024 - 14:00
30 min

In this occasion, Andi is in South Africa at the southern point of the country: Cape Point. This is the point where two oceans meet: the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean.

Andi will meet with Olympic sailor Asenthi Jim as well as with other nautical athletes and personalities, some of which have flourished from an unpromising past and share their success stories with us.

In this series Andi will have to challenge herself in the water, as we enjoy this colourful series that take us to the rainbow nation. We will meet sailors, surfers, kite surfers, free divers, ship pilots and many more in an exciting trip to the African country while exploring its culture and warmth.

Hop on board with Andi in her South African safari adventure, exclusively on Nautical Channel.

Season 1

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