Brilliant Corners Jamaica

Brilliant Corners Jamaica

15 min

The Caribbean is filled with places where tourism is rare or close to non-existent. However, there is so much potential for cultural and water sports tourism, they are called Brilliant corners. Nautical Channel is on a mission to explore the brilliant corners of the Caribbean.

Going from Haiti all the way to Jamaica or Barbados, we will dive into these brilliant corners, many of them with no tourism at all. With a sustainable tourism approach, get ready to live a fully local experience on Brilliant Corners Jamaica while we practice water sports, taste the traditional local dishes and talk with the habitants of the area.

On this occasion, we venture into Jamaica: the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and Caribbean, home to famous personalities like Bob Marley or Usain Bolt. Through extreme surf travel and consequent writing and aestheticized by jazz, Sam Bleakley gives a voice to the brilliant corners of this country, revealing the character of the place by getting inside the mind of a coastline as much as people.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the yet to discover areas of the Caribbean, available on Nautical Channel.

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