Waves in Nazaré: best season and where to see them

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11 Dic 2023
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Nazaré in Portugal and its waves have surpassed all expectations by experiencing the best season on record to date.

Exceptional weather and sea conditions have converged to create a perfect environment for giant waves in Nazaré.

Weather and surf experts agree that this year has been exceptional in terms of weather patterns and swells, generating some of the biggest and most powerful waves ever seen in the region.

Best wave season

The best wave season in Nazaré is usually during the winter months, especially from October to March. During this period, the North Atlantic experiences strong storms that generate significant swells, and Nazaré, with its unique underwater topography, amplifies these waves, creating ideal conditions for big wave surfers.

    Winter swells, combined with favorable winds, generate giant waves that often exceed 20 meters in height.

This time of year attracts professional surfers from all over the world who seek to challenge their limits and conquer the waves of Nazaré.

In addition, it is during these months that most of the surfing events are held in Nazaré, such as the World Surf League (WSL) challenge and other international championships.

Surfing heroes such as Garrett McNamara, Maya Gabeira, and other brave riders have surfed the crests of the waves, challenging limits and further elevating Nazaré's reputation as one of the most exciting destinations for big wave surfing.

If you are not looking for big waves and what you want is to enjoy its landscapes, another favorable time to explore Nazaré is spring, which covers the months of April and May.

During this period, temperatures experience a pleasant rise, creating a warmer climate. In addition, the beaches are less crowded, providing the opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural serenity of the marine environment. This is the ideal time to unwind, soak up the sun and discover the enchanting landscapes that surround Nazaré.

Where to see them? The perfect locations

For those who wish to witness this natural spectacle from land, Nazaré offers several strategic points to enjoy the unprecedented spectacle of its waves.

The famous North Beach is one of the most popular spots, as it provides a privileged view of the majestic waves breaking against the cliffs.

In addition, the Nazaré Lighthouse and the Sitio viewpoint offer breathtaking panoramas to watch the action from elevated heights, providing a unique perspective of the gravity-defying waves.

For those who prefer the comfort of their homes, numerous online platforms live stream the surfers' exploits and the greatness of the waves, allowing people from all over the world to virtually join in this unique experience.

Remember that safety comes first when watching waves of this type. Stay in safe areas and follow the directions of local authorities. Also, keep in mind that sea conditions can change quickly, so it is essential to be informed before your visit.

With each epic season, Nazaré consolidates its position as a world-renowned surfing destination. Tourism has experienced a significant increase, as surfing enthusiasts and curious spectators flock to witness the natural phenomenon occurring in this picturesque Portuguese town.

With hotels, restaurants and local businesses benefiting from this influx of visitors, the giant wave season not only provides intense thrills in the ocean, but also an invaluable economic boost to the community of Nazaré.

In short, the wave season in Nazaré has become an unforgettable chapter in the history of surfing, attracting global attention and establishing this Portuguese gem as an undisputed epicenter for giant wave lovers. The surf season in Nazaré continues to break records and challenge the limits of the surfing world!

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