There’s a giant hole in this Superyacht concept

Nautical Channel
14 Oct 2021
NEWS | Yachting

The 69m-long concept yacht is topped with a glass-bottomed infinity pool. 

Normally when a gaping hole is right in the middle of a superyacht it is considered a bad thing. However, according to Lazzarini this is not the case. The Italian design studio, known for their disruptive creations, have unveiled their new 69-meter yacht with a massive void in the middle of the superstructure. 

This concept, named Shape, has a singular silhouette with sleek, futuristic lines. The silver hull hints at next-gen tech incorporated throughout the yacht.The living area is situated aft, past the gaping hole, offering 35m of living space. There would be three decks hidden in the superstructure.

The feature that stands out the most is the “hole deck” as Lazzarini Design Studio calls it. This can be customized to each owner’s needs. The space can be accessed through a door at the vessel’s bow and it is ideal for lounging and stepping down to the ocean for a dip. 

“Shape stands out from the rest by avoiding an unnecessarily elaborate design, and by instead having a striking silhouette.” -Lazzarini Design Studio. 

Its interior is luxurious and has been divided into three different decks. There are six VIP suites occupying the first deck, while the living quarters are located on the second deck. The command cabin is on the third deck. 

There would still be three smaller pools on the aft decks. The glass-bottom infinity pool located on the upper deck allows swimmers to look down on those below. Also, a helipad helps people to come onboard or leave the superyacht, while there is a waterside beach club with diving platform and a garage for water toys. 

If this was not enough, Shape has been designed to use clean energy exclusively. Lazzarini will call for an advanced hybrid propulsion system that runs on hydrogen and would fit rooftop solar panels to generate electricity. This new trend towards clean energy in the boating industry could be seen in Cannes and will also include new incorporations in Barcelona

The international company does not indicate there are plans to take the project further than its current stage for now.