The SailGP competition sets sail in 2 days

Nautical Channel
22 Abr 2021
NEWS | Sailing

Eight teams will compete in the same boats on eight different events to take a prize of $1 million. Competing teams this year are Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States. The regatta is taking place from the 24th to the 25th of April in Bermuda.

As the organisers welcome a new edition of the SailGP season, it also welcomes fresh cutting-edge technology. For all fans of this nautical sport, the F50 catamarans now have a new wing. This 18-meter wing is now capable of using two different heights with a new adjustable design installed.

Originally, the 24m wing was good for lower winds but riskier on blustery days due to its size. The new adjustable wing system allows crews to opt for the smaller wing during stronger winds and use the longer version during lower ones. This means there are less chances of calling off a race due to the weather.

Teams are training non-stop with their new boats, but last training session we saw the Australia team capsized as the boat flipped on its side. The incident interrupted the training session. There was a clear damage to the top of the wing caused after hitting the surface of the water with force. The crew was able to get back on track with only minor injuries and are ready for the race.

We will be watching the race with excitement to find out more about this latest edition of the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix. 

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