The new Oarsome Foursome claim double Olympic gold

The new Oarsome Foursome claim double Olympic gold

Jul 28, 2021

Both the women’s and men’s Australian coxless fours triumph in Tokyo. Romania and Italy in second and third place in the men’s category while The Netherlands and Ireland earn silver and bronze in the women’s category. 

Two decades since the Oarsome Foursome reigned in the rowing category, Alexander Purnell, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargreaves and Alex Hill have made their predecessors proud holding a win at the coxless fours.

Great Britain has been dominating the men’s four since 2000. The men’s Australian team had to beat an Olympic record of 5.42.76 to keep out Romania and Italy. And they did!  

“We’re just super grateful to be sitting in that boat. Those legends before us have achieved what they have, so it was just amazing to put it back where it belongs.” -Alexander Hill. 

Aussie supremacy in women’s category

Success was also achieved in the women’s category by Lucy Stephan, Rosemary Popa, Jessica Morrison and Annabelle McIntyre. They have claimed two gold medals in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics rowing regatta. 

The team went head-to-head with the Netherlands, and the race between the world champions and the European champions was a close one. However, the Australian quartet maintained a narrow lead and crossed the finish line first in a time of 6.15.37, setting a new Olympic record. 

This was the first time the Australian team appeared in the Olympic rowing class since 1992.

The men’s category followed this Olympic success

Turrin, Hargreaves, Hill and Purnell followed the women’s success in the men’s coxless fours. The foursome went strong and gained a boat-length after the first 1,000m. The defending champions were not able to fight back for long after a steering mistake. 

Romania and Italy followed behind but had to settle for the second and third place in the podium. The Australians smashed an Olympic record in their discipline and gained the gold Olympic medal. 

Italy’s bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games shocked many in the audience. A late change in their crew was made after the rower Bruno Rosetti tested positive for COVID-19

Original foursome happily passed the baton

25 years since the initial Oarsome Foursome won at the Olympic Games, Australia has beaten Team GB and claimed the spot as new Olympic Champions. James Tomkins, former member of the Oarsome Foursome who won the Olympic gold in Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 handed over the iconic title. He was spot hugging anyone wearing green and gold at the venue. 

The team that won in 1992 and 1996 was formed by Nick Green, James Tomkins, Mike McKay, Andrew Copper (1992) and Drew Ginn (1996). They became so famous they appeared in TV commercials for the Goulburn Valley Fruit.