The golden performance from Czech Olympic Champion Prskavec

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30 Jul 2021
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Jiri Prskavec of Czech Republic won the Olympic gold medal in the K1 men’s slalom with an impressive time of 91.63.

The Czech paddler was the last one in the course and did not struggle in doing his best in the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The paddler who in the Rio 2016 games was penalized and ended up bronze is the new Tokyo 2020 gold medallist with no mistakes. 

The world number one paddler has beaten Slovakia’s Jakub Grigar, who now won the silver followed by Germany’s Hannes Aigner with the bronze medal. Minutes after winning the K1 men’s slalom Jiri Prskavec was spotted on his phone, letting his family know he was the new Olympic champion. 

The last two Olympic medals in the class went to Jakub Grigar finished in a time of 94.85 while Hannes Aigner settled for bronze with 97.11. 

This has completed the women’s and men’s kayak and canoe slalom as Jessica Fox won yesterday in the women’s final. In the women’s kayak slalom, Ricarda Funk raised the gold medal, while Slovenia’s Savsek won gold medal in the men C1 canoe slalom.

For more details regarding kayaking and canoeing slalom events at the Summer Olympics:

C1 Men’s Slalom

C1 Women’s Slalom

K1 Women’s Slalom

Men K1 Slalom results

Results and times for the K1 Men’s Slalom at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are as follow:

  1. J. Prskavec (Czech Republic) 91.63
  2. J. Grigar (Slovakia) 94.85
  3. H. Aigner (Germany) 97.11
  4. F. Oschmautz (Austria) 98.79
  5. M. Smolen (United States) 99.12
  6. Bradley Forbes-Cryans (Great Britain) 100.58
  7. B. Neveu (France) 101.18
  8. L. Delfour (Australia) 102.33
  9. E. Holmer (Sweden) 148.59
  10. D. Llorente (Spain) 150.08
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