Team Holcim-PRB loses mast in Leg 4 of the Ocean Race

Nautical Channel
28 Abr 2023
NEWS | Sailing, Sport

Team Holcim-PRB was in first place and 20 miles offshore when they lost the mast. The weather conditions were moderate and yet it didn't prevent the boat from dismasted on the fourth day since leaving Itajaí.

Skipper Kevin Escoffier has reported that his crew is safe after dismasted.

They did not even ask for assistance as they are planning a temporary rigging to return to port to fix the mast properly and get back to the race as soon as possible to try to keep the first place in the overall standings, the team has scored 19 points out of a possible 20.

For now, everyone is safe and sound, including the boat.

However, they are analyzing all options to repair the mast as soon as possible, as the idea would be to resume this leg 4 and even if they come in last place, to be able to secure a point.

For this, the ideal would be to have a spare mast in Brazil that they can replace because if they have to stop to repair the broken mast it will take much longer.

If this is not possible, they would have to repair the boat and start the next leg in Newport, they would have until May 21.

No decision has been made yet, it will be known in the next few hours.

This setback has allowed 11th Hour Racing to take the lead, ahead of Team Malizia, Biotherm and Guyot Environment, respectively.

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