Sail GP season 3 finale

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05 May 2023
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SailGP returns to San Francisco for the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final on May 6-7, 2023. This final takes place in San Francisco Bay, next to Marina Green, between Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

This weekend we will know who will be the next SailGP champion as every year, in the iconic waters of San Francisco Bay.

According to the current standings, Australia, New Zealand and France would be the teams competing for the Season 3 championship title, but a Great Britain title would also be possible as they are only one point behind the French.

Currently the classification is:

  1. Australia // Tom Slingsby. 84 points.
  2. New Zeland // Peter Burling. 73 points.
  3. France // Quentin Delapierre. 69 points.
  4. Great Britain // Ben Ainslie. 68 points.
  5. Denmark // Nicolai Sehested. 60 points.
  6. Canada // Phil Robertson. 59 points.
  7. United States // Jimmy Spithill. 57 points.
  8. Switzerland // Sébastien Schneiter. 29 points.
  9. Spain // Diego Botín. 29 points.

Six fleet races are held in each Sailing Grand Prix before the Final, where the winner takes all. The event rankings add up the points that teams have earned throughout the event, and the three highest ranked teams at the end of the fleet races qualify for the Final.

Points are awarded to each team based on their finishing position in each of the six fleet races, with a maximum of 60 points being awarded if the same team is able to win all six races.

The winner of the Grand Final is crowned SailGP Championship champion, while the other boats in the Grand Final will qualify for the Season Championship based on their final place in the Grand Final.

With the best athletes in the sport competing in F50 catamarans, SailGP sees different national teams battling it out in short, intense races and flying at speeds of over 100 km/h (62 mph)We will experience the thrill, the risky maneuvers and what it feels like to win the races or the final title.

After 12 months of spectacular racing in some of the world's most iconic locations, the nine teams gather at the Mubadala SailGP Grand Final to decide the season's champion, right here on San Francisco Bay.

A total of 10 races have been sailed with the final to go. Next season, one more race will be added, making a total of 11 plus the final.

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