Surfing in the País Vasco: Exploring the Best Beaches

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13 Jul 2023
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The País Vasco, located on the northern coast of Spain, is a world-renowned destination for surfers. With its rich culture, stunning scenery and ideal surfing conditions, this autonomous region has gained a reputation as one of the best surfing spots in Spain.

Zarautz Beach

We start our list with Zarautz, one of the most iconic surfing beaches in the País Vasco.

Zarautz beach stretches for more than 2 kilometres, making it one of the longest beaches in the Euskadi.

This width offers a wide variety of breaks for surfers of all levels, from beginners to more experienced surfers.

Zarautz is known for its consistent waves and the quality of its waves, which makes it an ideal place to improve your surfing skills.

In addition, the beach has surf schools and a vibrant surfing community, making it an ideal place for beginners and more experienced surfers alike.

Mundaka Beach

Mundaka is a surfing gem in the País Vasco and one of the most recognised surfing spots in the world. This small town is home to one of the most famous and challenging left waves in the world.

The Mundaka wave is considered one of the best lefts in the world.

Its power and length make it attractive to surfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

However, it is important to bear in mind that this wave is demanding and requires a certain level of surfing skill and experience.

It is advisable to have a good tube technique and be prepared for changing sea conditions.

Mundaka offers a stunning natural environment. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and a biosphere reserve, the area has a special charm.

The town itself retains its traditional Basque character, with narrow cobbled streets and typical houses. This creates an authentic and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Meñakoz Beach, Sopelana

One of the most popular and challenging surfing beaches in the Páis Vasco. Meñakoz is characterised by its powerful left wave, which breaks over a rocky reef.

This wave is known for its endurance and power, attracting experienced surfers in search of thrills.

Surfing conditions at Meñakoz are optimal when there is a good swell and low tide. However, it is important to note that this wave can be challenging and requires advanced surfing skills.

What makes Meñakoz special is the natural beauty of the area and the wild environment. Surrounded by cliffs and breathtaking scenery, surfing at Meñakoz is a unique and exciting experience.

In addition, the beach is close to other popular spots in Sopelana, such as Arrietara and Playa de Barinatxe, providing additional options for surfers wishing to explore different conditions and waves.

Bakio Beach

Bakio is another outstanding beach for surfers. Located on the coast of Bizkaia.

Bakio beach is known for its firm and versatile waves, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and more experienced surfers.

Conditions can vary depending on the tides and swell, but in general, Bakio offers a quality wave where surfers can enjoy exciting rides and manoeuvres.

What makes Bakio's surfing special is the accessibility and width of its beach. This means that there is enough space for all surfers and less crowds compared to other more well-known surfing spots in the Páis Vasco.

In addition, the beach has a number of surf schools where beginners can take lessons and rent equipment, making it a welcoming and friendly destination for surfers of all levels.

Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian

San Sebastian, a city known for its beauty and excellent gastronomy, is also home to an ideal surfing beach: Zurriola. This beach, located in the heart of the city, is a popular spot for local surfers and visitors alike.

With a variety of breaks and good exposure to the swell, Zurriola offers fun and challenging waves for surfers of different levels.

In addition, the beach is surrounded by bars and restaurants, providing an opportunity to enjoy the Basque gastronomic culture after a session in the water.

Tips for Surfing in the País Vasco

Bearing in mind that the País Vasco has a wide variety of beaches that you can take advantage of depending on your level of surfing experience and skill. 

  • Know the tide conditions: Before getting into the water, it is important to know the sea and wave conditions. Pay attention to the tides, wind direction and wave height. This will help you choose the right time and the right beach to surf.

  • Respect the locals: The País Vasco has a close-knit and passionate surfing community. It is important to show respect for the local surfers and follow the rules of etiquette in the water. Show courtesy, share the waves fairly and be aware of your surroundings.

  • Equip yourself appropriately: Make sure you have adequate surfing equipment for the conditions and skill level. Use a surfboard suitable for the type of wave and bring a wetsuit that adjusts to the water temperature.

  • Take surf lessons: If you are a beginner or want to improve your skills, consider taking surf lessons at one of the surf schools available in the País Vasco. Trained instructors will help you learn the correct techniques, understand the sea conditions and, most importantly, how to surf safely.

  • Water safety: Always surf with company and keep an eye out for other surfers. Familiarise yourself with the area and potential hazards, such as rocks and currents. Respecting priority rules and exercising caution in the water is essential to ensure the safety of all surfers.

  • Enjoy the experience: surfing in the País Vasco is not only about the waves, but also about the natural environment and local culture. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches, immerse yourself in the rich Basque culture and make the most of every moment in the water.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, this autonomous community in northern Spain has plenty to offer to satisfy your passion for surfing. Get your board ready and enjoy surfing in the Páis Vasco!

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