Surf Prodigy Pedro Tanaka dies at age 23

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31 Mar 2021
NEWS | Surf

The Brazilian champion drowned while practicing spearfishing, his other passion besides surfing.

Only a week after the death of Katherine Díaz after being hit by lightning, the world of surfing is once again mourning the death of one of its promising talent. Pedro Tanaka, aged 23, was an award-winning surfing champion that had won the Surfing Championship at Sao Paulo three times. He had also won twice at the Brazilian university surfing championship.

Pedro Tanaka drowned while practicing spearfishing with his father and brother. According to Globo Esporte, he went to a close by beach near Toque Toque Beach with his family and some friends. They performed a 20-meter immersion in the water, but by the time everyone else reached the surface, they noticed Tanaka was missing.

His unconscious body was 15-meters underwater. The sanitary team performed CPR successfully on the beach, however, Tanaka passed away on his way to the hospital. His death has caused a commotion in Brazil and all over the world.

“We are speechless about the sad news of the death of our Pedro Tanaka. It is very difficult to accept and understand such a loss. We solidarize with all the family and friends of Pedrito.” said the Associaçao de Surf Sao Sebastiao after finding out about his death.

Just a week after the death of Katy Diaz, the surfing world is mourning again the death of a promising surfer. He will be missed by the nautical community. We want to send our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Pedro Tanaka. 

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