Ethang Ewing and Tyler Wright winners of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

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11 Abr 2023
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After several days of competition, the oldest and one of the most iconic surfing championships of the world surfing circuit has finished. The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach which is held as its name suggests, on the beach of Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia.

There is no one who knows these beaches better than the Australians themselves, that is why, on this occasion, both the winner and the winner are "aussies" which is how Australians are unofficially called. And we are not only talking about the winners, but in general the best of the event. For example, the entire women's semifinal were local surfers.

Women's category 

The women's semifinal was exciting. On one side, Isabella Nichols faced Molly Picklum, the latter getting her pass to the final. On the other side, Tyler Wright would compete against Stephanie Gilmore. Everything stays at home.

After some pretty close semifinals, Tyler Wright and Molly Picklum reached the final. This was not as close as the semifinal and we had a clear winner, Tyler Wright won the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach! This has allowed her to move up two places in the rankings and move into second place, only surpassed by Molly Picklum who made a great tournament reaching the final and keeps the first place.

As we have said, this competition has come in handy for the female surfers, since those who reached the semifinals and unfortunately could not make it to the finals climbed drastically in the ranking and managed to pass the "Mid-Season Cut Line" (in the middle of the season, the last 8 in the ranking are eliminated and can no longer compete).
Right now in the ranking, with one race to go, there are 5 Australians in the top 10.

Men's Category 

In the case of the men's semifinals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2023, it was not as equal as the women. However, it could be said that the outcome was similar and is that in the final two Australians faced each other, one from each semifinal.

The first semi-final was Ethan Wing versus Filipe Toledo, one of the best in the world today. While the other semi-final pitted Hawaiian John Florence against Ryan Callinan.

As we have mentioned, probably due to the deep knowledge of their beaches, the Australians managed to beat the Brazilian and Hawaiian and they met in an emotional final. 

Ethan Wing had a spectacular tournament and managed to win the trophy, after defeating his rival and the Brazilian in the semifinals, who also had a great tournament.

This victory at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, coupled with the poor results of the top finishers, has moved Ethan Wing up to 4th place in the rankings, having climbed no less than six places.

As for Filipe Toledo, he remains in third position. As a curiosity, Joao Chianca, despite falling in the eighth round, managed to climb to first place after a disappointing event by Jack Robinson who could not defend that first place and was relegated to second.

The next event of the world surfing circuit will be in about 10 days also in Australia. We are talking about the Margaret River Pro in Surfers Point. 

If you want to keep up with the competition and know who will be the winners follow us on our social networks and pay attention to our website.
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