First ever women’s canoe slalom Olympic gold goes to Fox

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29 Jul 2021
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Australia’s Jessica Fox wins gold and achieves the first position in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics women’s canoe slalom. Silver medal went to Franklin of Great Britain and bronze for Herzog of Germany. 

Jessica Fox had hoped to win both the women’s kayak and canoe gold medal in the Summer Olympics. However, after settling for the bronze in the kayak she overcame her stress and triumphed in the canoe. 

The Australian paddler was the last on the course at the slalom competition, with Great Britain’s Mallory Franklin sitting with the gold medal position for her incredible time of 108.68. Franklin was hoping Fox’s performance would be inferior to hers, however the Aussie was not ready to disappoint. 

“I’ve definitely felt that load and the pressure, and there was a lot of relief at the finish line today,” -Jessica Fox. 

Fox was able to finish with no mistakes in 105.04. This time would have placed her sixth in the men’s canoe final. Moreover, the winning time was faster than in the women’s kayak final. In general, kayak times are almost always faster than those in canoe. 

Fox now holds four Olympic medals: bronze in the Tokyo 2020 and Rio 2016 K1 category, silver in the K1 of London 2012 and now her first gold in the C1 class. She is the first female paddler to win more than three individual Olympic medals and the first athlete to win two individual medals at a single Games. 

Franklin is also happy with her first Olympic silver medal while Andrea Herzog continued Germany’s medal-winning streak in these Olympic Games.

Women’s C1 Canoe Slalom Results

Results for the Women’s category at the Tokyo Olympics are as follow:

  1. J. Fox (Australia) 105.04
  2. M. Franklin (Great Britain) 108.68
  3. A. Herzog (Germany) 111.13
  4. M. Delassus (France) 115.93
  5. N. Weratschnig (Austria) 119.41
  6. T. Fiserova (Czech Republic) 120.99
  7. V. Us (Ukraine) 124.85
  8. N. Vilarrubia (Spain) 127.33
  9. M. Skachova (Slovakia) 129.39
  10. A. Sátila (Brazil) 164.71

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