Eco friendly yacht to be as harmless as a beach walk

Nautical Channel
06 May 2022

The new 88m eco-friendly superyacht concept designed by Vripack will have the same environmental footprint as a human walking along the beach. 

After brainstorming about the environmental problems relating to yachts, Vripack has unveiled a new 88m eco-friendly superyacht concept named Utopia at Sea. According to the Dutch studio, it has been designed to leave a very small environmental footprint and to be as harmless as a human walking along a sandy beach. 

The yacht came after the announcement of the Dutch company’s 45-metre superyacht concept Krista, a yacht made specifically for ocean exploration.

The idea behind Utopia at Sea

The team behind Utopia at Sea got inspired by the idea of a highly desirable, problem-free place. As Vripack Yacht Design Studio held brainstorming sessions, they identified a key pressing environmental problem to be waste. 

Although yachts are relatively modest in size, they produce enough waste to be considered an ecological concern. Not only do they generate physical waste, but also they have a huge carbon-gas emission impact. 

At first, the team thought about including an on-board incinerator in order to burn human waste like discarded food and packaging. However, just like a yacht engine, this would produce CO2. For this purpose, Utopia at Sea will use nature-inspired air purifiers that will separate oxygen from carbon. 

This way, Vripack creates a design that revolves around having a reduced environmental impact and minimising carbon emissions. 

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Environmentally friendly design

“We connected our award winning diesel-electric propulsion system to 4 nature-inspired air purifying units and visibly attached the entire system to an on-board park providing it with clean air.” -Robin de Vries, Vripack’s senior designer

Utopia at Sea will implement an on-board control room for researchers to observe operations while guests engage with onboard activities with clean air. The superyacht will allow 15 guests to sleep aboard and accommodate a crew of 14 people. 

Amenities include a large helipad that is located on the aft and a sundeck jacuzzi by the main deck pool with optional shading. Also, guests can enjoy water toys stored in the tender storage area or use this space as a mini basketball court.