Discover Air Yacht: the flying superyacht powered by helium

Nautical Channel
13 Ene 2022

This superyacht could “fly” for up to 48 hours at a top speed of 60 knots, turning into an amphibious trimaran that can sail the ocean and the skies. 

For the incredulous ones who thought airplane and boat could never go by hand, Lazzarini’s futuristic new concept includes a bit of both. This disruptive design studio that continuously delivers the most impressive marine creations, has unveiled a flying superyacht called Air Yacht. 

Flying cutting-edge technology

Despite its sci-fi look, the vessel’s tech would use cutting-edge technology, and helium would be its main source of fuel although it is also powered by the use of solar panels. Moreover, it would be made from carbon fibre, and have one main 262-foot (80 metres) hull in between a pair of 492-foot (150 metres) airships. They are connected via four carbon bridges on each side. 

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The two “floating balloons”, as Lazzarini describes them, will be divided into hives to store up to 400,000m3 of helium gas. This means this trimaran will have two blimps that can lift it into the sky. According to Lazzarini, the compressed helium will allow the Air Yacht to fly up to 48 hours at a top speed of 60 knots. 

Moreover, the luxury yacht is equipped with eight counter-rotating electric engines that are powered by ultra-light batteries and solar panels. This all allows the vessel to sail on the water at 5 knots with no noise or pollution. 

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As it is, the engines would rotate to push the airship down and land on the water. Depressurization of the helium and the ballast anchoring system would keep it on the water, where an “inflatable basement” ensures it keeps afloat and can travel across the water. 

The Air Yacht commodities

The central deck will be 10 metres wide and includes a master suite with 360-degree views, a large dining area and a living area. There are also windows on the other edges of the airships, each containing five en suite staterooms. 

“With the Air Yacht, there is a way to sail the sky without emissions damaging the future,” -Lazzarini statement.

To top all this luxury, the hull will feature a helipad and a swimming pool on the roof. Lazzarini believes the Air Yacht is not intended for “touristic purposes”, but instead for a private owner who wants a superyacht and an evolution in aviation.