Debut yacht wins the Superyacht Cup Palma

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28 Jun 2021
NEWS | Sailing

This was the first time the Ravenger made its appearance in the Superyacht Cup Palma and managed to win the competition during it’s landmark 25th anniversary.

The final day was marked with sublime sailing conditions, and wide smiles were easily spotted amongst the entire fleet. The two class winners were the Nilaya and the Ravenger, and the latter took the overall 2021 Superyacht Cup title at the Real Club Náutico de Palma. 

A clean sweep of victories

The 43m Ravenger won in the anniversary event of the Superyacht Cup Palma in Class B despite not having a racing background and the crew having very limited training time. 

Navigator Shaun Pammenter said the boat had great potential but it had never raced before, so they did not know what to expect in the regatta. However, they had really good sailors in key positions, like Justin Slattery on the bow, Simon Daubney as the crew boss and Stevie Branagh as the tactician. 

“Things happened at the right time, we didn’t rush things, we didn’t have any foul ups so we got round the racecourse clean.” 

The Ravenger took the top place on the class podium in the Bay of Palma alongside Ganesha and Baiurdo VI. 

The Nilaya dominated the Class A of the SYC

The long and sleek Nilaya took three wins on the Performance Class A. The crew only missed out on the overall prize as they raced in a slightly smaller class. 

Competition was really close as Missy and Shamanna finished the SYC tied on points, so the former took second place on the countback system. The Swan 80 Umiko was the smallest yacht at the Superyacht Cup Palma, and claimed a place in the podium during the last race. 

Moreover, during the final day of the event Shamanna won the special ‘Spirit of the Event’ award. Baiurdo VI was also a winner of this award in the Class B. 

An impeccable performance in the Superyacht Cup Palma

The competitive fleet was happy with the result of the event and with how well organized everything was planned in the Balearic Island. Positive feedback from the boats reached the organizing yacht club in Palma.

Regarding Ravenger’s win, SYC Event Director Kate Branagh said “It’s definitely special having a first timer taking the big prize, great to have a new boat winning, so we are very pleased.”

Due to pandemic restrictions, crews spent sociable time within their group instead of between everyone in the event. This allowed them to have fun on an individual basis in a very different way of how it normally is. 

We can expect the Superyacht Cup Palma 2022 to take place from June 22-25. 

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