Big Sup or Giant Paddle Surf. What is it?

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17 Abr 2024
NEWS | Canoe/Kayak

Paddle surfing, also known as stand up paddle (SUP), has experienced explosive growth in popularity in recent years. But what happens when we expand this activity to the size of several people? That's where the Big SUP or Giant Paddle Surf comes in, an exciting new variant that is gaining ground in the world of water sports.

What is the Big SUP?

The Big SUP is essentially a scaled-up version of traditional paddle surfing. Instead of a board designed for one person, the Big SUP is a much larger and sturdier board, capable of supporting multiple people at the same time.

These boards can vary in length and capacity, but typically can accommodate between 4 and 10 people, and even more in some cases.

How does it work?

Giant Paddle Surf works in a similar way to conventional paddle surfing. Participants paddle with a paddle while standing on the board, using their balance and strength to navigate through the water.

However, with Big SUP, cooperation and communication among team members are essential. Everyone must paddle in unison and coordinate their movements to maintain balance and direction on the board.

Where to practice it?

It can be enjoyed in a variety of aquatic environments, from calm waters such as lakes and lagoons to seas and oceans with waves. Due to its size and stability, the Big SUP is ideal for groups of friends, families, corporate teams or anyone looking for a fun and collaborative paddling experience.


Teamwork: Paddling a Big SUP encourages collaboration and communication among participants, as everyone must work together to move forward.

Inclusiveactivity: Because of its size, this modality can accommodate people of all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect activity for diverse groups.

Complete exercise: Paddling a Big SUP is an excellent full-body workout that helps improve strength, endurance and balance, as well as being a fun way to stay active outdoors.

In short, Giant Paddle Surfing is an exciting variation on conventional paddle surfing that offers fun and adventure for groups of all ages and abilities. With its focus on cooperation, balance and teamwork, Big SUP promises unforgettable experiences on the water, whether in calm waters or rough seas.

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