Batman yacht in the spotlight at Palma’s Boat Show

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29 Abr 2022

The Batman inspired yacht grabbed the crowd’s attention during the first day of the Palma International Boat Show. 

Attention Gotham citizens, Batman has made his way to the ocean! The Batman yacht was inspired by the Batmobile, and it wants to revolutionise the nautical industry at the Palma International Boat Show. 

For those who have recently seen the latest Batman movie, you must be aware of the predominant black colours of the hero figure, alter ego of Bruce Wayne. The futuristic style X-1 Hanstaiger yacht has also opted for a dark look. 

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20 metres of pure darkness

Designed and manufactured by Hanstaiger in Alicante, Spain, the creator has described the yacht as “a work of art, not just a boat.” With a total length of almost 20 metres, it reaches a top speed of 20 knots with sails and 30 knots with the motor. 

Although this version is a very limited edition, the hull can be built in one piece, and is available in either carbon fibre or glass, according to each client’s demands. The interior is luxurious and light-filled. There is a 65 m2 living room for guests to unwind inside and the main cabin is 30 m2 big. 

Moreover, the Hanstaiger X1 features an impressive flybridge deck with abundant seating, a fully equipped kitchen, sun loungers and a jacuzzi. The Batman inspired yacht will be able to accommodate up to 9 guests and costs between 1.9 and 3.4 million euros, depending on custom changes chosen by the owner. 

Palma International Boat Show

Taking place from the 28th to the 1st of May, the Palma International Boat Show is the opening event for the Mediterranean nautical season, and is considered amongst the community as one of the most important events in the sector. 

The show decorates the island’s promenade in Palma de Mallorca with over 600 boats, considered an unmissable opportunity for both professionals and nautical enthusiasts. The latest edition of the Palma International Boat Show has 2276 participating company, beating a new record as it has 6 more companies than in 2019 (before the pandemic striked) and 49 more than last year. This represents an increase of 21% over 2021, a great indicator that the nautical industry is recovering from the effects of the pandemic. 

Besides the boats that will appear on the promenade, an additional 264 boats will be on display at sea. Stay tuned to the latest nautical news on Nautical Channel! 

Images from the Palma International Boat Show 

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