Aegir 2.0: the yacht with the lowest environmental footprint

Nautical Channel
18 Mar 2021
NEWS | Industry, Yachting

The Aegir 2.0 is an upgrade of the Aegir that launched in 2019. This luxurious sailing yacht uses green technology, making it the cleanest superyacht in the world.

This glamourous trimaran has a hull that prevents heeling, contains a stable platform and has a much more spacious deck space in comparison to traditional sailing yachts. It combines hybrid wind-electric propulsion with hydronics so it recharges its batteries when the yacht is moving. Besides its environmentally friendly aspect, guests will be able to enjoy its infinity pool and Jacuzzi in the fore and a grand panoramic glass wall that surrounds the lounge and dining area, offering unobstructed sea view.

“Aegir 2.0 is designed to offer unparalleled luxury with the lowest possible environmental footprint,” Daniel Nerhagen, TDoS Partner and yacht director, said during an interview.

The environmental footprint measures how fast we consume resources or generate waste in comparison with how fast nature absorbs our waste. Having a low environmental footprint means having a low carbon footprint or being sustainable with the environment. Sailing yachts are already quite environmentally friendly as they use windpower to move. However, superyachts use electric power for their pools, rooms and other amenities, meaning they not always are very sustainable. As many industries rush to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is exciting to see this healthy trend reaching motor yachts and in general the world of sailing. 

The yacht has been built with a beautiful style that provides a unique outdoor experience. The interior combines functionality and attention to detail keeping in mind Scandinavian minimalism. With spacious rooms and generous light openings, the Aegir 2.0 delights guests that enjoy living at the sea as well. 

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