Episode 1b

World Rowing Coastal Championship - Episode 1

30 min

Organized by the World Rowing Federation, the World Rowing Coastal Championship is raced on the open sea or lake in a boat designed for wavy water. This time, it is disputed in Victoria, Canada. Athletes will embark into one of the fastest growing disciplines in the sport of rowing with the championships taking place annually in singles, doubles and coxed quadruple sculls.

An endurance test like no other, the event has buoy turns usually with a minimum distance of 4000m. With the stunning background of Vancouver Island, the World Champion of seven different boat classes will be crowned in the Canadian final of the World Rowing Coastal Championship. Rowers will fight for the title while getting entangled in a network of islands and mighty swells. Who will come up with victory?

Find it out, on Nautical Channel.

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