Episode 12

Inside Sailing - Episode 12

25 min

We start our last episode in 2019 in Muscar for the 5th and final even of the 2019 GC32 Racing Tour, the GC32 Oman Cup. Next, we will stay in a foiling mood and we will stay in Asia in order to follow the action at the 2019 Kitefoil World Series, in Weifang Binhai.

Staying in Kiteboarding we will travel to Italy to take in the 2019 Formula Kite European Championships, hosted on the sandy beach of Oristano Gulf. Closing this trip around the world and closing our inside sailing journey for 2019 we will travel to Greece in order to dive into the beautiful Aegean Sea at the 23rd Rodos Cup, one of the most well-known cruising and racing events.

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