Wind N'Miles

60 min

Wind N'Miles is a reality show that brings us closer to the restoration of a boat in record time. With the magic of bringing a boat back to life, from the dry dock it is transformed and recovers its functionality and beauty. 

The work of the creativity of Josep Pastor, the actor, model and audiovisual producer in love with the sea and sailing, will bring to life a very singular presenter: Josh Carter, who plays himself. 

His repair shop is called the Bully Boat Garage, and it is here that the boat repairs will be carried out. We are in for a lot of thrills, races, unexpected events, celebrities and, above all, a lot of humour in this interesting look at the work of boat restorers. 

Wind N' Miles is a documentary series that oscillates between unbridled comedy and dramatic emotion. We will experience the day-to-day lives of the people who live and work at the Bully Boat Garage. A different celebrity and new goals await us each season, so come onboard!

Season 1

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