Who is J.O.B

Next broadcast Jul 19, 2024 - 22:00
30 min

Jamie O’Brien, ‘JOB’, is a pioneer in the field of professional free surfing. Growing up on the North Shore, O’Brien became one of the best surfers at the Pipeline Masters and is always pushing the limits of the surf industry. He is one of the youngest surfers ever to win the Pipe Masters Challenge and surfs some of the best waves and events in the world, including the famous Pipeline Masters in Hawaii.

As he wins surf events left, right and centre he has also set his eyes on other unconventional action water sports including river surfing, launching off a winch slip & slide and dropping into some of the biggest waves in Hawaii with a foam surfboard.

Catch all the action that goes on behind in Who is J.O.B. O’Brien balances his social life, partying and world-class surfing in a life that is far away from just ordinary. In his own words: “Just let the surfing tell the story”.

Find out who this surfing genius is and get inspired by his braveness, on Nautical Channel.

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