Untouched Waters In Turkmenistan

Untouched Waters In Turkmenistan

30 min

Welcome to the eastern coast of the Caspian sea. Turkmenistan, Avasa, is known for its desert and not so much for its nautical resort. Nonetheless, Turkmenistan is hosting the PWA World Cup 2014 right here. 

Nautical Channel host Nikolai Berger explores the untouched waters of the Caspian Sea to discover the first time ever of the PWA Windsurfing World Cup. How will the best windsurfers in the world handle this challenging and unexplored location? Will Antoine Albeau’s brute force triumph again?

Find out if the Caspian Sea can become one of the new exciting locations, with just the right wind conditions for this world class in Untouched Waters in Turkmenistan. Only on Nautical Channel.

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