Tour De France à La Voile

Tour De France à La Voile

Next broadcast Jul 30, 2024 - 21:00
60 min

Welcome to the Tour de France à la voile! 

The annual yachting race around the French coast was inaugurated in 1978 and since it has reunited skippers from all over the world to compete from the English Channel to the French Riviera. Some famous skippers have taken part in the competition, like Loïck Peyron or four time America's Cup winner Russell Coutts. Despite attracting renown sailors, amateurs and students can also partake in the Tour de France à la voile. 

Visiting 10 harbours along the French coast, it includes coastal stages and intensive open sea regattas. Half way through, boats are transported inland to move from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Relive the best moments of the Tour de France à la voile, available on Nautical Channel! 

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