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In SHRICK FAROE ADVENTURE Dany Bruch travels to the Faroe Archipelago, the self-governing archipelago between Iceland and Norway. Hikers and bird-watchers are drawn to this islands’ cold and green mountains and valleys, however Dany Bruch is on a search for emotions in windsurfing.

He will try to live in the harsh conditions of the islands while exploring its surroundings, blending with local culture, and tasting traditional dishes. However, Dany is used to sharing his sports videos with his friend Josué de León, a Pro BMX that lives in the Canary Islands.

The contrast amongst both places couldn’t be any more different: While the Canary Islands have a subtropical climate with long hours of sun, beaches and good weather, the Faroe Islands that are located way up north have a subpolar oceanic climate and cold waters. They will have to communicate through the Shrick app every time they want to show or execute an impressive trick, so the other is able to see it.

Feel the contrast of two very different archipelagos and how Dany and Josué have overcome a distance of several hundreds of kilometres with this particular app.

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