Sailing Fever In Annapolis

Sailing Fever In Annapolis

30 min

Welcome to Annapolis!

Maryland’s capital city and located on Chesapeake, its historic district includes houses from the 18th century. Besides its historical interest, the city is one of the most exciting places to go to in the United States for nautical sports as yearly hundreds of enthusiasts come here for recreational or competitive races and regattas. 

Host Lucia Metzbauer heads to the Chesapeake Bay to discover what makes it one of the USA's top sailing destinations. Be part of an exciting regatta, visit the prestigious Yacht Club, meet the locals to enjoy steam crabs and work on your balance with Yoga on a Paddleboard – so many different things going on in this charming seaport. 

Join Lucia for a journey into American maritime history and an exclusive look at the famous 2014 Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show. 

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