Sailing Deejay

Sailing Deejay

30 min

Two aspiring DJs sail on a journey to discover the hottest DJ locations in the world. Top DJs give lessons at their private hideaways where only a select few are invited such as Carl Cox, David Guetta and more!  DJ Max and DJ Sam test their knowledge and skills in a rock the boat performance. 

The islands of Ibiza and Formentera off the coast of Spain are the chosen spots where the cool and hip from around the world descend to party all night to the beat of the top DJs in the world. Special Guest: Carl Cox, Graham Sahara, DJ Ross, David Guetta, Joe T Vannelli, Brittany Andrews, Wally Lopez, Jamie Lewis, Frank'o Moiraghi, Giorgio Moroder. 

Come dance to the rhythm of the night with Sailing Deejay! 

Season 1

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