Sail For Surf

Sail For Surf

30 min

Collin Martins is a French chef with only one goal in mind: surfing. His passion started when he was just 3 years old. This was when his parents got him on a surfboard for the first time in Cap Ferret. It often starts like this. However, Collin’s course and his passion for surfing took a really atypical and unique turn.

Looking for the best waves around the world, he decides to step into the unknown in 2017 and become autonomous living on a sailboat. From here he patiently studies the weather conditions, direction of the swell and tides to predict where the best waves will appear in order to surf them. Without any previous knowledge in the field, he carried out a professional training of marine navigation, bought a sailboat and took as headland Indonesia.

Follow his exhilarating journey on his sailboat as he blends in Indonesian culture while catching the best waves.

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