Poseidon Games

Poseidon Games

30 min

The Poseidon Games is a global sporting tour that included a variety of water sports using hydro-flight in 2018. The global circuit started in April 2018 in Australia and travelled to 3 other destinations including Singapore, New York & Bermuda.

Gold Coast, Australia and the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort hosted the first edition of the 2018 Poseidon Games. With the collaboration efforts from Savvy Entertainment and Jet Pack Events, fans of the hydro flight community witnessed two days of exciting performances as the industry took a huge leap in technical progression.

Starting in Australia and making its way to Bermuda and then New York, it concludes in a huge event in Singapore. Watch this international tour aimed at lovers of hydro flight, a new water sport that is still unknown for many but is gaining more fans all over the world by the minute.

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