Karujet 2017

Karujet 2017

Next broadcast Jun 26, 2024 - 20:00
30 min

The much awaited 20th edition of the Karujet has finally roared through the island of Guadeloupe. With the world's top guns of Jet Ski racing on the pitch, these daredevils ploughed through waves at speeds of up to 80 knots. Competition is rough as some participants break down and return to the beach with broken bones, others just give up, while the remaining brave riders fight to the end!

The event takes place in no other than the festive and colorful Caribbean island, Guadeloupe. To bring this event to life, people from all over the world join to create what is becoming the biggest nautical event for Jet Ski lovers of the year.

As competitors speed across the ocean, firm land spectators await in an exciting celebration. Who will become this year’s champion? Join Nautical channel as we follow the 20th edition of what might be the last Karujet.

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