Julbo Sail Session

Julbo Sail Session

15 min

The mythical, legendary Cape Horn towers high in the imagination of all sailors. Located in the southern part of the Patagonia, sailors will travel from Usuaïa to Cap Horn. Passing it is always a feat so you can imagine the adventure two men set out for themselves when they dreamed of being the first to pass it in a Nacra.

Aboard a flying catamaran, the Julbo Session is a unique event that requires constant attention. The situation at the Julbo Sail season is tense and things become serious as the sailors have to push forward whatever happens, as the weather window is very brief and they have little time to succeed in their adventure.

Embark on this journey across la Tierra del Fuego, a mystical place with extraordinary landscapes and incredible shifts in weather that allowed sailors in the Nacra to achieve a lifetime dream: pass Cape Horn aboard a flying catamaran.

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